Meet The Team

Ben Taylor, Operationg Partner of Keller Williams UK Prime London

Ben Taylor

Operating Partner

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Ben is Operating Partner of the Prime Market Centre, Investor and CEO of Keller Williams UK.

Before joining Keller Williams in March 2017, Ben was Managing Director of John D Wood & Co, an estate agency with over 30 branches across London and the South East. Ben's
 ‘why’ is to help people build any life they want to have through teaching courses ranging from how to Build a Business to Quantum Leap (an extraordinary course to build the biggest, most abundant life possible). 

He has spent 25 years helping individuals develop self-belief and nurture talent to transform the performance of their business. He started as an agent and was running an office by the age of 21, quickly moving to look after a small but significant Region.

From being appointed Managing Director at 30, he has led over 10 different businesses in the South East, focusing on London and Prime for much of the last decade. His focus is on building extraordinary culture, vision and lasting success through and with people.


Nick Garrett

Market Centre Manager

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Nick is incredibly excited to be part of this momentous change in the industry. The Keller Williams vision is to be The Real Estate Company of Choice for Agents and their Customers.

The Keller Williams mission is to build Careers worth having, Businesses worth owning and Lives worth living.

Nick previously held challenging roles in Savills and Foxtons, and also spent a significant time running operations for a property business in Shanghai whilst learning to speak Mandarin Chinese.


Nick brings great organisational skills and a high level of property knowledge to the team, thereby adding to the exceptional support our agents are given,  enabling them to be as successful as possible in building their businesses. 


Gaven Swan

Market Centre Director

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Gaven is our leader. He is a family-man, endurance sport-lover, business builder, real-estate super-trainer, 'get-it-done' operations leader, coach and mentor to 'Next-Gen Agents' in UK.

He believes in elevating the profile and professionalism of estate agents in the UK so they in turn may build meaningful businesses, charge what they deserve to charge, give amazing service and ultimately fund their dream life.

Gaven is a strong sales professional having graduated from 20 years of property experience in the UK, but it wasn't until he moved to Keller Williams that he truly tapped into a world of learning that he says has expanded his vision of what the future can hold. 


Gaven has made a profound difference to the lives of agents and their families. He is happy to share these 'secrets' with as many people as he can who too wish to change their lives for the better.

Keller Williams Prime

When joining the Prime Market Centre, you have access to our Leadership Team above to support you on your new journey. We carry out training every week to ensure you have everything you need to get up and running as quickly as possible, as well as being able to 'sharpen the saw' as you progress.


We host regular agent mastermind sessions so that every agent can also learn from their peers, as well as focused group learning and sharing every morning at 8.30am. When you join KW Prime, you have access to central London desk space, offering not only a place to work, but an opportunity to network with other like minded agents, as well as a place to invite your clients.


It can be lonely in business - 

not at Keller Williams.