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Build a Career worth having with KW - Ignite 1 - through the eyes of an intern

Today’s blog post is about Ignite 1 - Build a Career Worth Having, a Business Worth Owning, and a Life Worth Living.

The Three L’s

Remember the three ‘L’s’:





Until you have enough leads to exceed your goals, there is nothing else to worry about. Remember not to make the mistake of stopping your lead generating when you think that you have more business than you can handle. Lead generation should always be done, even when the volume of leads may well appear to be overwhelming.

Too many leads is a good thing, as it gives you more choices with who to work with and it allows you to be ‘picky’ with prospective clients. Then, you can refer the rest and potentially get a commission.

Make sure that your lead generation is purposeful by knowing exactly who you want to talk to, then you block time out to communicate with them, and make sure that you’re fully prepared to provide them with value.


Seller listings are superior to buying listings, as it means that you get far more marketing opportunities, for a number of different reasons. You get to put your for-sale board up. Also, you get to market the listing through direct mail and online portals, which spread your name and brand quickly.

In terms of volume, Gary Keller says that an experienced estate agent can gain between fifteen to twenty-five seller listings per month. And keep it up.

Simon Sinek - Start with WHY

In Simon’s presentation and book ‘Start with Why’, Simon explains The Golden Circle. At the center of the Golden Circle is WHY. The next concentric circle is HOW. And finally, the outermost circle is WHAT.

He goes on to explain that every business leader and company knows the WHAT (their products and their industry). Some business leaders also know the HOW (what makes them unique and their unique value/ selling proposition). Hardly any business leaders know WHY (their reason for running the business and their belief system).

Simon Sinek believes that we should invert the usual order - start from the inside-out in the Golden Circle. Start with WHY, then discuss the HOW, and finish with the WHAT.

66 days to make a habit

Phillippa Lally is a health psychology researcher, based in London. Phillippa Lally and her team decided to figure out just how long it actually takes to form a habit by examining the habits of 96 people over a 12-week period. Each participant chose a new habit for the 12 weeks and kept a record every day on how successful they were in carrying out the new behavior and how natural it felt to do the new habit. The results showed that on average, it took more than 2 months (66 days!) before a new behavior became a habit.

The ‘Secret’

The number one secret that’s make estate agents more successful than other estate agents is effective lead generation.

Gary Keller says you’re actually in two businesses and in this order:

1. The business of lead generation

2. The business of real estate

Remember, that when calling people as part of your lead generation schedule, make sure that you contribute and give value.

Six Personal Perspectives

There are various steps to take to gain self mastery:

1) Commit to Self-Mastery: you must commit to self-mastery and spend time creating a viable plan. Then, you must follow up on your plan and take action.

2) The 80/20 Principle: The Pareto principle, which is also known as the 80/20 rule, explains that roughly 80% of outcomes come from 20% of the causes. Therefore, it’s really important to work out what your ‘20%’ is and focus efforts on this area of your business.

3) Move from entrepreneurial to purposeful: The biggest difference between entrepreneurial – which is doing what is natural – and purposeful – which is doing the things that aren’t natural to you - is that by committing to proven models and systems you will achieve the greatest level of success.

4) Be “Learning Based” This means that you are willing to be taught, willing to participate in training and actively pursue learning.

5) Remove your limiting beliefs: Limiting beliefs are often installed in us by well-meaning family members, our friends, social media, or our general upbringing. An effective way of beginning to remove your limiting beliefs is to take action and do the things that you're not doing. Simply put, whatever it is that you're avoiding, do it!

6) Be accountable:

Get an accountability partner, so that you can keep each other accountable. In order to be a good accountability partner, you need to:

A: Know what you need. Work out what your specific outcome is.

B. Priorities. Establish and stick to a structure or schedule.

C: Track your progress. Track each other’s progress at a set time – weekly/ bi-weekly/ monthly.

D: Be willing to accept feedback. Receiving feedback isn’t the easiest of things for most people. However, remember that your accountability partner is there to help you – helping you will mean that you are more likely to help them.

Your Big ‘Why’

You must know your big ‘why’ and what your driving motivation is. Think about what achieving the goal will mean for you and your goals and think about how your life will change once you achieve this goal.

KWUK Economic Model

Make sure to use KWUK Economic, Lead Generation and Budget Models to keep on track with your GCI 12-month goal. Through these systems, you’ll be able to work out and keep track of:

1. How many transactions you’ll need each month.

2. How many Listing Appointments you’ll need each week.

Lead Generation Funnel

Your lead generation funnel should follow a logical process:

a) When a client lead becomes a business lead.

b) When a business lead turns into an appointment.

c) When an appointment turns into a Listing.

d) When a listing turns into a sale or let.

e) Exchange/Move-in.

Remember The Purpose Of Scripts

The best scripts are 100% customer oriented and benefits the customer throughout the entire conversation. Scripts are not there to sell – they are there to provide value.

Alongside this, arrange with a partner (potentially an accountability partner) to spend 15 minutes each day reciting scripts to each other. Alternatively, you could record yourself reciting your scripts on your phone and then play them back to yourself.

Have a Solid Action Plan

This action plan should include:

1. Completing your Daily 10/4 activities. Remember the importance of lead generation – it is the most important thing!

2. Track your activities daily in myTracker.

3. Create your time blocked calendar. This may take some time, but make sure to schedule in daily activities around appointments.

4. Choose an accountability partner and schedule regular accountability time with them.

5. Schedule time on a daily basis for script practice with a partner.

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