• Nicky Stevenson

Does your existing environment support your goals, and the success you are striving to achieve?

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Today at #KWUK we were incredibly fortunate to have the coach of coaches Matt Teter share incredible content with the Leadership team. He recruited 694 agents to his market centre before becoming a coach, I asked him about some of the fears agents had before starting their own business, along with what questions can we all be asking ourselves to help put us on a path to live a life by design. Does your existing environment support your goals and the success you strive to achieve? Really great day and this is part 1 to my interview with Matt. PS Matt is on holiday here in the UK and gave us five hours of his time as a good will gesture because he cares! This is the culture here at #KW!#realestate #kwukprime #entrepreneur #estateagency #property #lifebydesign

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