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Through the eyes of an intern - staging by Oliver Harrison

Last week I started as an intern at the Keller Williams Prime Market Centre in Mayfair, London. I took part in the ‘Sell Or Let Your Listings’ session and wanted to share the key takeaways that I got from the session, which are as follows:

The importance of staging

Staging a house is a crucial part of the sales process and plays a large role in what is a significant financial transaction. There are times when sellers often need to understand the value of carrying out small renovations and staging their homes before selling them. Making these changes could result in the property being sold for a higher price in a shorter time frame. Here is an example kindly shared by Keller Williams agent Ugo of Onyx.

Reception Room - Before

Reception Room - After

Selling dreams

A potential buyer isn’t simply looking for a house to live in – they are looking to enhance their lifestyle and to live in a certain style or way. Staging a house in a particular fashion can help to highlight this way of living and can ultimately create an emotional attachment from a potential buyer’s point of view.

Make the floorplan come to life

If there are three double bedrooms, and the third bedroom is full of clutter and it is hard to move around in, it can make it difficult for the potential buyer to visualise how the double bed will fit in the bedroom. Make it simple for the potential buyer and stage it as a bedroom if it isn’t currently.

Most important rooms

Research carried out by Keller Williams Worldwide has shown that the two most important rooms in any house to present are the living room and the kitchen, as these are generally the two rooms in which people spend the most time in. Simple ways in which you can ‘stage’ these areas are by removing clutter, adding fresh fruit and adding the smell of fresh bread ahead of viewings, as well as taking professional photographs including some lifestyle photography.

How to ‘freshen up’ your property listing

When your property is listed on a property portal, it can become ‘familiar’ to viewers if they immediately recognise the main photo and description. To counter this, simply change the order of the photos and alter the description to give your property a new look and feel.

Under promise and over deliver

Always under promise and over deliver! This can range from something simple, such as telling a client that you will speak to them once a week and then getting in touch with them twice a week, through to adding little bespoke touches such as leaving a bottle of champagne and chocolates for a client when they move into their new property.

Another way to exceed expectations is to look at the time of the year. For example, with Christmas approaching, could you provide your client with a bespoke Christmas chocolate bar with your details on the wrapper?

I hope this post has been useful and I look forward to keeping you up to date with my findings over the coming weeks!


PS Here is another example of staging from Ugo! What a difference staging makes!

Bedroom - Before

Bedroom - After

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