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Win the Client - Ignite 7

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Ignite 7 – Win Buyers and Tenants - Through the eyes of an intern - by Oliver Harrison

Client call

When a client calls, you can find out more information by asking three simple questions:

· Why are you looking to move?

· How long have you been looking for?

· Which was the best house that you’ve seen? Why was it the best house that you’ve seen?

Alongside these three questions, it is important to know your target area and market place. If the caller is looking for a property in Mayfair, you can ask ‘What do you know about the property market in Mayfair?’ Whilst the client could well have a basic knowledge of the property market in London as a whole, or England as a whole, they will be unlikely to know much about the immediate Mayfair market. This is a good opportunity to show off your knowledge in your target area (in this case, Mayfair).

As the phone call is nearing it’s natural conclusion, confirm the information that they have told you before taking down their details. Remember, you need to earn the right to take details from a caller.

Daily 10/4

Keller Williams Daily 10/4:

1. Add 10 people to your database every day.

2. Call and connect with 10 people from your database daily.

3. Write 10 hand written notes to your database daily.

4. Preview 10 homes weekly (2 per day during the week).


There are limitations to open questions. Open questions tend to result in one sentence answers. Start with leading questions (TED PIE – see below!) first, then use open questions to explore further.

Tell Me




In Detail


When asking for a client’s budget, choose your wording carefully. Asking ‘what are you willing to spend?’ is a much more positive way of asking ‘what’s your budget?’, as no-one likes the idea of ‘budgeting’.

For Sale Boards

If a potential client says to you ‘you don’t have many for sale boards. Why should I go with you?’, you could explain that having a board isn’t a sign of success, it’s a sign that they’ve been afforded the right to sell that property.

Then you can go on to explain the fact that you offer a bespoke service and take on a maximum of 5 clients at any one time.

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